Nordisk Ferie offers 6 separate rooms Renovated end of 2017, brand new furniture. Nice and cozy surrounding, with access to house garden. Sun-bathing facility in Sunny Days and outside sitting area. Free Wifi, Parking and Tea/coffee.
 Newly renovated 4 deluxe rooms (3 double rooms and 1 single) with shared bathroom, on the first floor in addition to 1 family suite on the ground floor. All rooms are having extra comfortable beds (Dream zone), 2 of them are having desk along with flat TV and TV box. Wing is kids friendly, having safety lock on the staircase. Cozy breakfast and TV/ sitting rooms, with large flat screen TV, are located on the ground floor. It has private entrance and can be booked as private unit for large family or group of people up to 12 people.
 Property is non-smoking, no pets allowed.  
1.2 km from Rudkobing center, shopping area, museum, beach, Rudkobing - Stryno Ferry - Direct Road access to Spodsbjerg - Tars ferry;
We provide one free parking for Nordisk Ferie staying guest subject to availability, additional parking space should be pre-ordered.
For bookings, please email us on: info@nordiskferie.dk
For more informations about Langeland please visit http://www.langeland.dk